Northwest Sustainable Properties is committed to shaping the future, while creating some damn fine buildings in the process. Founded by Jean-Pierre Veillet in 2008, our team develops thoughtful projects that enhance our communities. 

In short — NWSP has big ideas. Since the firm started, we have successfully completed several award-winning projects that support food, sustainability, and cultural scenes, including Pine Street Market, ecoFLATS, the Bridgetown, AltSource, Sunshine Apartments, Dean River, and Montgomery Park.


Jean-Pierre Veillet

Jean-Pierre (JP) was trained as a large-scale, site-specific sculptor at Pacific Northwest College of the Art by local artist Manuel Izquierdo. JP grew up in the local art scene, and he remains deeply committed in seeing creative ideas come to life. In his early 30s, JP realized he wanted to have a deeper effect on the places people experience daily.

JP switched paths and dedicated himself to building positive human experiences within his community by creating inspiring built environments that have generous access to light, air, sustainable elements, and a happening food scene. He combined his artistic sensibilities of materials and space, with a dash of entrepreneurial know-how and a dose of building knowledge to form Siteworks Design|Build in 1994. JP then doubled down to form NWSP in 2008.

JP creates buildings that express a thoughtful, intentional approach to enhancing community — which is equal parts local knowledge and modern, cause-based considerations. By understanding the climate and culture, JP is able to successfully to infuse underdeveloped neighborhoods throughout with bright, open, vibrant, and dynamic spaces to live, work, and socialize. Building healthy communities and healthy people is at the core of what JP, and NWSP as a whole, is committed to. JP is known for having good ideas that work; the narrative that his work is weaving has led to a strong track record of success for local neighborhoods, investors, stakeholders, and communities as a whole.

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jean-Pierre Veillet for ten years and working with him on our Board of Governors [at PNCA] for three. A few things stand out: his passion for good, buildable design; his drive for fully integrating creativity and community; and his commitment to helping younger designers and artists change the world through their work. Jean-Pierre is also a PNCA alum.”

Tom Manley, President, Pacific Northwest College of Art